How to reseat blade slot in HP C7000 chassis remotely

For those who have HP c7000 Chassis and suddenly something goes wrong in it and require to plug and unplug the blade to disconnect to reset the hardware all sysadmin know that this is pain job to do if its in remote site/place or different datacenters. However this issue has not very often but with more sysadmin/admins working remotely now these days and are not being able to touch the hardware physically. This method of one liner command can be a life saver if no one is at the site to help you do the job in reseting the hardware.

Step 1: Once you already identify which bay the blade is located you need to SSH login to your Chassis Onboard Administrator by using your terminal or putty.exe to SSH

Step 2: Type this below command

reset server <bay #>

OA-3863BB30AA6D> reset server 10
WARNING: Resetting the server trips its E-Fuse. This causes all power to be momentarily removed from the server. This command should only be used when physical access to the server is unavailable, and the server must be removed and
Any disk operations on direct attached storage devices will be affected. I/O
will be interrupted on any direct attached I/O devices.
Entering anything other than 'YES' will result in the command not executing.
Do you want to continue ? YES
Successfully reset the E-Fuse for device bay 10.

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