How to Create a Scheduled Task in the vCenter 6.5 Web Client

As you may know that the vsphere client is no longer available in vCenter 6.5 to manage it and can only accessible now using web browser and can access in either in both environment vSphere Web Client (Flash) or vSphere Client (HTML5) – partial functionality. Some of us using one of the feature called “Task Scheduler” however in vCenter 6. 5 web its no longer by default seen in the Home dashboard in order to use this feature VMware move it to different location. To create a scheduled task, select an action from the “Schedule New a Task” drop-down menu. You can navigate to an object in the Inventory lists,

Step 1: Login to your web  vCenter using your AD credentials or local account then click the VM guest you want to create scheduled job and click “Monitor” tab as shown below

Step 2: There’s a lot of options that you can choose from however for this article I will only show the “Restart Guest OS”.

> Power on
> Shudown Guest OS
> Restart Guest OS
> Power OFf
> Suspend
> Reset
> Migrate
> Clone to Virtual Machine
> Edit Resources Settings
> Take Snapshots…
> Scan for Updates

Step 3: If you configured your vCenter to send alert in there’s any alarm or warning, in here it can also do the same you just need to type your email address and once the task is completed it will send email to you.

Click “Scheduling Option” then followed by the the “Change” as shown in below image to set the schedule.

And from this window you can choose the option you want

> Run this action after startup
> Schedule this action to run later
> Setup a recurring schedule for this action

In this example I will be choosing Weekly and once a week every Monday at 6:00 PM it will reboot my guest VM. And after your done it will show in task window.



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