How to configure DHCP Failover Active/Passive (Hot-Standby Mode) and Failover Load Balance Mode in Windows 2012 R2 – (Phase 2)

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Step 10: In SERVER01 – If this DHCP server is connected to AD you might want to Authorize it. A DHCP server must be authorized in the Active Directory before it can assign any IP addresses. Authorization is a security precaution that ensures that only authorized DHCP servers run on your network.

To authorized this server navigate to the node and on the Action menu click authorized this require AD Admin user to enabled

SERVER01 configuration is done now we check the SERVER02 and make sure no other configuration is exist in it.

Step 11: In SERVER02 this is the current state/status of DHCP service there’s no configuration.

Step 12: Go back to SERVER01 and enable the Active/Standby mode or LoadBalance mode.

Right click the IPv4 -> Configure Failover

Step 13: Overview: DHCP Failover enables high availability of DHCP services by synchronizing IP address lease information between two DHCP servers. DHCP failover also provides load balancing of DHCP request. If there multiple SCOPE that was configured click the select all.

Select all

Provide the host name or IP address of the partner DHCP server with which failover should be configured

Step 14: This configuration is for Hot Standby (Active/Standby)

Server01 – Active

Server02 – Standby

And don’t forget to put the secret password for handshake between the two DHCP server.

This configuration below is for Load Balance mode

Local Server: 50%
Partner Server: 50%

and by default the State switchover Interval is 60 minutes. This is the interval after which a DHCP server automatically transitions its failover partner to a partner down state after loss of communication. And don’t forget to put the secret password for handshake between the two DHCP server.

Failover will be set up between SERVER01 (WIN2012R2T2) to SERVER02 (WIN2012R2T3) with below configuration.

Step 16: To verify the configuration of the Failover

Right click IPv4 -> Properties

Then click the “Failover” tab from here you will see that the WIN2012R2T3 (Server02) is in standby Mode. And if you go to that server and refresh the DHCP manager it will show the same config as the WIN2012R2T2 (SERVER01 )



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